Thinking About Adoption

Adoption is a relatively common form of family building in the United States.

It is important when considering adoption to come to the acceptance that it is a second choice and not a second best. Many couples are lured into the hope that the newer technologies, or some yet unavailable technology, will come along and solve their fertility problem.

Couples considering adoption may choose to place their names on a number of services' lists at the beginning of their fertility workup as a headstart in case they are unsuccessful in their pursuit of a natural child. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for international adoption.

Resolve, a national consumer group, is one organization that can offer assistance with adoption services:, Phone: 703.556.7172

The issues surrounding adoption include if and when to tell the child. For the child there is often the fantasy of who the real parents were and the concern that they did something bad that caused the real parents to give them away.