Clomiphene citrate acts on both the hypothalamus and the pituitary to induce ovulation. One to five 50 milligram tablets are taken for 5 days each month. If ovulation is not achieved, then the amount of clomiphene can be increased until ovulation occurs or the patient is considered to be non-responsive to this medication. With this treatment there is a 65% ovulation rate. The rate of conception is 35 – 40%. The majority—about 90 percent—of patients who will conceive while taking clomiphene will do so within the first six cycles of treatment.

The risks of this treatment include multiple births, usually twins, in 5 to 10% of women using this medication. Other side effects which occasionally occur are ovarian enlargement, thickening of the cervical mucus, hot flashes and bloating, headache, breast discomfort, nausea, skin rash, dizziness, mood swings and depression. If changes in vision occur, stop the medication and call your doctor immediately.

Your doctor or care provider will explain in detail the risks, side effects, and benefits of your medication before you start taking the medication.